EP 60: Tanzanian Food Expert on Understanding The Dining Experience

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I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Kutina. Kutina is a Tanzanian American woman who moved to the US in her childhood and has maintained strong ties with her home country.

The dynamic woman who is also a stationary in the US food and restaurant industry, take us behind the scenes of some of your favorite restaurants. In this episode we become a little more intimate with service and the mechanics of dining and food appreciation. Some of the topics we explore are

1. Why many African restaurants cannot get it right and how the realities of being a restaurateur far exceeds the ability to cook a wonderful meal.

2. Understanding what 'Organic' on your food packaging really means. We learn that it is a holistic approach to food. Considering things like, it is how what was the animal , fed , how was the animal treated, what environment was it reared

3. What to expect when you go to your favorite restaurants and knowing what to expect through what the industry identifies as the 'Steps of Service'

4. The Impossible Burger- the plant based burger developed by a scientist, taste, feels and smells like meat. Can be found at Cheesecake Factory, Bare Burger, White Castle and most recently Burger King.


Uncle Boon, Thai (Michelin Star Restaurant)

Roberta, Pizza

The Lobster Club (The fish is shipped directly from Japan daily)

Dead Rabbit (Cocktails and the menu is presented in form a storybook)

Mombar, Egyptian Restaurant ( Vibes is as if you are eating in the owners house)

Connect with Kutina - @tanzamerican

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