EP 58: Unschooling, Unlearning and Self-Directed Education - Clarissa Bannor

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In this episode, I catch up with return guest Clarissa Bannor of This Afropolitan Life.  Since Clarissa introduced me to the ideology of schooling and self -directed education, I have been completely fascinated and intrigued by this principle. 


To simplify, Unschooling is the idea that education does not only take place within the falls walls of a ‘school’ and within the confined timings of 8 – 3p. It is rooted in the ideaology that students/children are experts in their own learning styles and can self-direct their learning capabilities. In this episode we talk about 

1.   Clarissa’s unlearning journey as a parent raising free people 

2.   Her observations of from watching her children’s in their unschooling journey’s 

3.   Share general observations and thoughts on the drop out culture 


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