EP 57: The Podcast Journey and Life as Africans Abroad

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In this episode, I catch up with fellow podcasters Bimbola and Jo Maxwell of the Best of 2 Podcast. On their show, Bimbola and Jo tackle current controversial issues and general happenings of their daily lives as Africans in living in the UK.  As fellow Nigerians living outside of our home country, we decided to get together to compare notes on life abroad. We discuss 

1.   The state of affairs of African leadership 

2.   The differences and shared experiences of raising African children abroad 

3.   We also delve in to careers and entrepreneurial nuances for Africans in the UK versus the US 

Being an African abroad can be complex , layered and multi-faceted. Like all immigrants we deal with the issues of identity, culture shock and more. However unlike other immigrants, as African we are faced with the pressure of constantly having to prove, introduce ourselves and set the record straight. I hope you enjoy this episode, and be sure to connect with Bimbola and Joe Maxwell below. 



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