EP 56: Taking a Leap of Faith while Scared and Unprepared


This episode has been one of the most rewarding shows I have done to date. I catch up with Anim Afeni, former Special Advisor and right hand woman to the Vice President of South Sudan.  

Anim shares her journey on how she ascended the heights of politics from a simple essay competition, which opened the doors to becoming a political advisor to the Japanese Ambassador and later the advisor to the highest office in South Sudan. 

Although there are some controversial articles surrounding Anim's citizenship during her tenure, the essence of our conversation is to highlight the importance of perseverance and tenacity. 

In our discussion, we cover :

1. The importance of putting oneself out there; doing it scared 

2. Imposter syndrome as a young person and woman in sexist / ageist spaces 

3. The importance of rising up into ones ownself and taking up space 

Her most recent work has been pushing the boundaries of politics by influencing legislature to more inclusive of women participation in politics 


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