EP 55: The importance of Purpose and Conviction over Trend


Faith x Threads is a faith based apparel company operated out of London by two Nigerian sisters. Their company is committed to changing the conversation and inspiring the next generation to rep the gospel in every way. In this episode, I catch up with the co-founders Temi and Temi – not a typo and we discuss all manner of deliciousness around running a business, being a Nigerian abroad, the Nigerian approach to Christianity and loads more. We do a deeper dive into the:

  • Process of building a very niche business

  • The challenges and triumphs of being a African running a business in the United Kingdom

  • Parenting, Entrepreneurship and the importance of hustle and grit

 Listeners get 10% off their entire order (one time use) by entering ‘AFRICANCHICKS’ at checkout. Be sure to tag both pages on your purchases.

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