EP 51: Chika Oduah, Journalist & Filmmaker - Notably for Boko Haram & Chibok Coverage

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This episode is with the Nigerian American Journalist Chika Oduah. She is known for her fearless coverage of the 276 kidnapped Chibok girls by the Northern Nigeria terrorist group Boko Haram. What makes Chika remarkable is that she was down in the field by herself getting real life coverage of the story. Her work has been covered on CNN, Aljazeera, BBC, MSNBS, National Geographic to name a few. Chika is currently working on a book and documentary about her encounter and findings in Chibok. The documentary premiered in Abuja in Dec 2018 and is scheduled for a release in late 2019. In this episode, she shares 

-       Her coverage of Boko Haram and how she got the assignment

-       The stories of some of the women who are married to the Boko Haram soldiers 

-       The face and state of religion in Africa 

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