Ep 50: Data Oruwari , UX Designer, Artists, Sculptor, Healing Enthusiast - Understanding the Art and Charm of Embracing Failure

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With the way creativity and creatives are being peddled on the internet today, I really wanted to bring in someone who to me harnessed creativity and her creations in a real and pure way and that person is none other than Data Oh!

Today’s episode is with Data Oruwari ; Data is a Lawyer by education , UX designer @IBM,  sculptor and artist who produces one of the most remarkable and dynamic works I have ever seen. I catch up with the multi-talented UX designer amidst her busy travel schedule and we talk about :

  • The importance of making space of creativity

  • How she has learned to embrace failure-

  • The mysticism and intersectionality that inspires the art she produces

  • Being shortlisted alongside 194 other artists By the Government of Egypt

This is an episode you definitely want to listen to. I adored Data’s candor about work, life and the ability to respond to life’s nuances.


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