EP 45: Resourcefulness and Humility

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In taking a scan of how we work and why we work. I have found that a lot of us tend to be so in love with our ideas and talent that it prevents us from taking the necessary pivots . Often times because we do not see the direct correlation with the pivot to our end goal. 

This is why Geoffrey Owens's story is so remarkable; as social media continues to solidify itself as a part of our everyday lives we continue to see the push for digital influencers. Which in practicality we cannot all be right?! despite what social media might have us believe. Being able to see someone who has had a thriving career having to do a seemingly "menial" job helps redefine how young people observe and think about the importance of work and working. 

I believe it is  important for us to continue to see and hear about stories like this to show how we must be resourceful and humble in our journeys as human beings; and to help us gain perspective on life and livelihood.


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