Ep 43 : Protecting Your Peace and Creativity Podcast

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I believe that it is important that we are honest as we show up on the internet. To share our triumphs and victories but also to be brave enough to share failures and downers. Not to the point where we make people uncomfortable but in a way where we paint the whole picture. Because very very very few people are posting and sharing those true and human experiences on here. 

It is for this reason, I decided to share this minisode. I talk about the importance of having the right kind of energy and people in your life. How anger and lack of forgiveness impacted me physically, emotionally, and hindered my performance. My biggest take away is had been the realization that forgiveness is ultimately for you more than that the perpetrator. More importantly, understanding very clearly the utility of the word “NO” and leaning fully into one's intuition. That very first voice you hear when you are about to make a decision, Listen To It!!!

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