Ep 38: How to Create a Global Brand By Re-Presenting Africa Inspired Products"

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In this episode, I catch up with Ugandan bag designer Sarah Nakintu. She migrated to the United States in 2005 where she attended Columbia University in New York. Sarah shares her journey from working at the United Nations then Google, later AOL and now Designing Luxury Handbags. In our conversation, we go into details of where the idea for Kintu New York was born. She shares her creative process, cost of production, pricing but more importantly how she is challenging this narrow lens through which people view what an African inspired product is.  She’s decided to go against the grain of using Ankara or Maasai fabric and other archetypical African emblems and is consciously choosing to re-present African inspired luxury in a new way.


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-        Transition from corporate to entrepreneurship

-        How to decide on what kind of business to start and grow  

-        Factors to consider when deciding how to price products

-        Cost of production in creating a product

-        Getting to know you TRUE customer and their behaviors

-        Understanding the marketplace and how it influences production, manufacturing, and marketing

-        Understanding the importance innovating when creating an African inspired Product



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