Ep 27: How To Build Blog Expertise, Mossonyi, Blogger Photographer (Self Portrait Pro)


I caught up with the lovely Onyi Moss; the talented lifestyle blogger had so much to share on her experience as a blogger and discovery for visual storytelling.

We talked about her love for non-mainstream music and how growing up in Nigeria pushed her to seek a creative outlet in the UK. Onyi who is an accounted by profession recently left the corporate space to dedicate her time to blogging and more creative endeavors. She lives her life by the Kung Fu philosophy which is predicated on the ethics of Patience, Practice and Preparation.

It was such a treat to get to know her and I am looking forward to seeing more of her creative works. If you are interested in learning or advancing your photography skills, check out her          E-Book. She also shares strategies on how to grow your Instagram following and work with brands.

Connect with Onyi on her Blog, Check Out her Instagram.

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