Ep 29: Taking Charge of Your Narrative: Life After UK Private Foster Care, Gina Knight

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This is one of those episodes you don’t want to miss, it is inspiring empowering and everything in between. Gina is a wig expert who was raised in the UK by older white parents after her Nigerian mother gave her up to private fostering. In this episode, we talk about her business journey from sketching, blogging to wig creation. How her brand “Gina The Wig Witch” came about and why her different creations are called “witch” in different languages.

We later delve into her upbringing, how it shaped her identity and her intense love for all things black. We go into the intricacies of interracial adoption and fostering; the crucial socio-political and cultural education necessary before embarking in these types of guardianships. She stresses the importance of living your truth and taking a hold of your narrative regardless of your background. This episode is GOLD. Do. Not. Miss. It.

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Produced & Edited - Mude Productions

Music - Deep Hat, YT Library

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