Ep 26: How To Be An Authentic Blogger, Coco Bassey, Lifestyle Blogger, Millennielle

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Coco is a Nigerian native who has lived most of her life in Germany, Prague and Canada. She is popularly known for her lifestyle blog Millenielle.

In this episode, we talk about how Africans fit into the blogging industry. We go into her multicultural background and the importance of staying authentic to herself especially when working with a big brands like Who What Wear, Create & Cultivate, PopSugar and many others.

She shares her experiences in the African blogging community in the US, specifically in Atlanta and the immense support she has recieved.

We wrap up this interesting dialogue with her sharing very insightful tips to think through before you start your own blog, how to attract the right following and keep them engaged.

Check out her blog Millennielle and follow her on instagram page , I promise, you’ll fall in love with  her like I have.

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