5 Min Friday Minisode 4 - When To Say GoodBye To Limiting Friendships

ThoseAfricanChicks/ Toxic Friendship Minisode

Today's minisode is about friendships and as the title suggests knowing when to get rid of toxic friendships. 

We all have those friends that we have known all of our lives but no longer have anything in common. As both parties experience life, our identities shape us into individuals that if we met as adults, would know right off the bat that the other person is just a passing interaction. Other toxic friendships are not necessarily childhood friends; one supportive or enabling moment after the other lead us into a cesspool of negativity. 

In this episode, I scratch the surface on identifying how to move a way from such relationships and how we can get better at consciously vetting ourselves to make sure we are neither the perpetrator or the enabler. 

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Music - Nice To You, YouTube Audio Library. 

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