Ep 21 - Understanding and Unpacking Mental Health in West Africa, Dr. Deola Saheed

those african chicks - Mental Health in Africa

We invite Dr. Deola Saheed, a physician in training from Cooper Hospital to close out our Mental Health series. In this episode, she sheds more light on prevailing illnesses like Depression, Schizophrenia , Bipolar Disorder, Mania. She talks us through what they are, their differences and therapies.

Deola not only explained all of these difference illnesses in lay man term so that the average person can understand it but she did an excellent job or sharing signs of behaviors and feelings to look out for so that we are better equipped to seek and get help.

This was such an eye-opening conversation. We cannot wait to invite her back to discuss personality disorders and the role technology plays in this.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dsaheed/


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