5 Min Friday Minisode 5 - Schedule Your Side Hustle

Scheduling time for your business, those african chicks

As business owner, entrepreneur , hustlerprenuer insert any other word that essentially means being your own boss, it is important to be on a schedule. The key to success and profitability is at least having the same dedication as you had with a tradition job. You must show up on time, consistently and do the work.

In this episode, I go into some of the things I am learning as I continue on my journey as a business owner. Some of the light bulb moments I have had and some of the errors I have learned from. 

You have to have clearly defined hours which you must commit to and show up for in order to grow your business in a meaningful way. So, go ahead and schedule in those hours and show up for your dreams. 

Edit & Produced - Mude Productions

Music - Nice To You, YouTube Audio Library. 

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