5 Min Friday Minisode: How To Boost Your Confidence

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Lack of confidence is always the culprit behind not a taking professional jump, leaving an unhealthy platonic or romantic relationship or starting your own business for example. In this episode, I go into some of the steps that I took and Im still taking to boost and rebuild my confidence. This is my no means an exhaustive list, but these are the primary steps I took as I began my journey to self restoration. 

  • Knowledge Is Power: Get brutally honest with yourself about things you do not know and Read Up.
  • Positive Affirmations: Identify the qualities you want to be known for , then begin to speak those things in your life and validate yourself.   
  • Know Your Superpower: What thing(s) you are good at? Identify them and start improving and amplifying those skills. 
  • Grooming: Start dressing the part.
  • Embrace The Fear: Start doing things that scare you. Learn to put yourself out there. Be patient with yourself but push yourself . Remember, right out of your comfort zone lies all the Magic. 
  • Speak Up: When you do not agree with something or someone speak for yourself. If you are confrontation avoiding like me, try these techniques; ask "What do you mean" OR "Please explain I'm not sure I understand where you are going". Doing these gave me a lead into then disagree or Speak My Mind and My Truth. 

Rise Into The Awesomeness You Know Yourself To Be. Be Fearless and Be Brave 

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