5 Min Friday Minisode: How to Manage and Allocate Your Time Usefully

Time Management, Productivity, Pomodoro

Try out this time management strategy that was developed in the 1980s by Author and Entreprenuer Francesco Cirillo. The concept is to break down the amount of time you work into intervals. These intervals traditionally consist of 25 minutes of complete focused work followed by 5 min of break time.

 I have been actively practicing this technique for some time and have become so much more efficient and productive with my time and goals. Below are some twists that I have put in place for the technique to work for my personality and lifestyle.

Wummy’s Pomodoro Hack

- Phone on Airplane Mode

- Set my focused time on http://e.ggtimer.com)

- Stream free music  www.pandora.com

** Also check out free apps like – Focus Keeper Free & Be Focused 

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