Ep 17: How To Operate a God-Centric Sex Shop in Africa, Ope Gregory CEO, Love4Boudoir

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In today’s episode we talk to Ope “Sparkle” Gregory, the Founder of a Christian Sex Shop based in Lagos, Nigeria. After returning to Nigeria from the UK, Ope found that there was a big need to cultivate open conversations around sex and sexual fulfilment within Nigerian Christian spaces. The genesis of the idea started with lingerie but later evolved to her helping couples keep their marital beds sacred as she learned about the prevalence of infidelity in young Nigerian couples.


Ope’s goal is create open communications around sex with married couples because sex should ENJOYED AND NOT ENDURED. As a firmly rooted Christian herself, Christianity is the guiding compass around this venture and Ope only works with married couples to ensure that their marital beds are left UNDEFILED.

We thoroughly enjoyed this discussion and talked about everything from sexual freedom, toself pleasure and the importance of open communication channels.  Connect with Ope below

Ope Gregory

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