Ep 16: How Natural Hair Journey Led To Being A Digital Influencer, TenTen Looks

Those African Chicks Episode 16

In this episode, we catch up with Teni of @tentenlooks to discuss life as an Instagram Content Creator. Teni shares a bit of her background growing up as a Nigerian Immigrant in Missouri and later New Jersey. She walks us through her bullying experience and shares how confronting her high school bully allowed her come into her own. She later attended an HBCU which encouraged her to have pride in her culture and heritage.

She is now a badass content creator who has grown her following from 0 to over 20,000 followers in less than a year by showcasing beautifully curated and crisp images of her Sky High Afro, Sense of Style  and Wanderlust around Southeast Asia. She shares tips on how to grow and optimize Instragram following. Her advice for anyone struggling with burden of being the “other” is to embrace that otherness and BE.YOUR. SELF. The otherness it what helps you stand out and MAKES YOU, YOU.

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