EP 14: Pt 2 Born A Crime w. Clarissa Bannor, This Afropolitan Life

Clarissa Bannor, This Afropolitan Life

We invite fellow podcaster Clarissa Bannor of This Afropolitan Life to share her thoughts on Trevor Noah’s book especially in light of her family’s recent trip to South Africa. In this episode, we talk about the social economics of being a black person in South Africa from Clarrisa’ experience. She shares some of the unusual privileges she experienced being an “other”-- American. We bring the conversation full circle by drawing on some poignant points that Trevor mentions on the class system, religion and the informidable black tax which weighs heavily on many Africans.

This episode sheds light to the fact that Apartheid is still very much alive and in full effect. Now, we must task ourselves with the responsibility of fixing this problem. Since the recording of this episode, there has been more incidents of xenophobic attacks against West Africans.

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