EP 13 : Born A Crime Review

those african chicks - Chesray

I have always been curious about Chesray’s childhood growing up in apartheid South Africa. Wondering about the social landscape from the eyes of a child and understanding how this phenomenon has shaped her identity as a women of color and an activist.

When Trevor Noah’s book Born A Crime was released, I could not pass up the opportunity to pour through it and use it his story as a conduit to learn more about Chesray’s South African narrative. We discuss things like her identification as a black and not a colored woman. The different race categories of being White, Indian, Colored and Black. We talk about post-apartheid apartheid, internalized oppression and how the racial divide affected economics and that trajectory of ones life. In the world political climate, race, religion , gender conversations are more tense than ever before, it is very interesting to see how movements from over two decades ago are still so relevant today.


Music – Ben Moose

Edited & Produced – Those African Chicks

Wummy Umude