EP 12: Responding To Your Calling With AfroViolinist, Erik Zara

EfikZara, AfroViolinist - Those African Chicks

Efik Zara is a Nigerian-American true distrupter and status-quo buster. She is the violinist changing the face and feel of classical music with the infusion of African Rhythm. We talk about her journey to classical music and what it means to recognize innate talent and respond to the gnawing calling of ones genius. Hearing Johannes Brahms Symphony No 3 in the 3rd movement was pivotal moment that made her realize music is what she is meant to create.

•    Journey into classical music
•    Listening to the calling to create
•    Being the only black woman in a very Anglo-Saxon industry
•    Personal Style – Minimalist, Goddess, Ethreal and Modest
•    Beauty Channel on Youtube
•    Curly Girl Routine Music


Efik Zara Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/efikzara/?hl=en
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/EfikZara


BogoBiri – http://www.bogobiri.com/services.php

Zikoko Magazine - http://zikoko.com

Coldstone - http://coldstonecreamery.ng/index.php

Music - Ben Moose Sound
Produced & Edited - Those African Chicks


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