Jesse Williams Speech

I generally find award shows to be contrived so I don’t watch ‘em. But as I swiped through my social media feeds I kept seeing the world lauding Jesse Williams; I figured I’d see what the fuss was all about.

#mindblown and…

                                          image from @data_oh

                                          image from @data_oh

Very rarely do you see a personification of beauty and intelligence wrapped up with introspection and intention. I was left feeling inspired, woke and reminded that black freedom is an illusion. That we are in the Animal Farm where “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” – and that this has to change. 

It was a call to action.

The phrase “Gentrification of our Genius”  had a resounding echo.  As people of color, our paycheck often puts us in a space of questioning the existence of our genius. We are too often playing a part.

                                                         image from @shamrock_930

                                                         image from @shamrock_930

In trying to achieve all that society tells us we need, we forget to nurture our genius. Leaving us in a space where we find ourselves frantically clawing our way back to it not knowing if we will find each other . But then King Jesse with those words validated and reminded us to boldly step into the authority of our intelligence and have no doubt of its greatness.  

To Go forth and be Great!  



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