Those African Chicks
Those African Chicks
Where African Women Can Be Their Authentic Selves

Those African Chicks is a podcast series that follows the victories and challenges of the everyday African Woman through critical thought conversations.  

Our platform is committed to encouraging authenticity; it is a place where women can speak their truths and challenge the reductive narrative the world has imposed on us. 

Our guest list is Everybody...because I believe Everybody is a Somebody. 

Interested in being on the show or know someone you think should? Hit us up on Instagram @thoseafricanchicks or via email - thoseafricanchicks at gmail.





Welcome. My name is Wummy - Eyiwunmi actually, if you can't already tell, I'm The Nigerian; thanks for stopping by. 

A bit about me.

I moved to the US in 2003 for college and attended the first HBCU in the US, Lincoln University in PA - Go Lions!  Following the typical immigrant trajectory, I then went to NYU Graduate School of Public Service and got a Masters degree. I'm now married and live in NYC with my two ahmahzin little humans. I am also currently a part of the hamster population that is Corporate America but I'm working very hard to break out of that cycle ‘cos YOLO. 

Update June 2017 - I am very pleased to say that I am no longer in Corporate Jail and now a proud citizen of the Boss Babe Nation. If you're curious, you can read about my journey HERE.  

I want to do epic shit and 2016 is the year to Make all the Uncomfortable But Necessary Moves, I was always too afraid to make.

I started this podcast because I want to bring the progressive voices, opinions and unique perspectives of the African Woman to the forefront of cultural discourse.




"Ahwe! My name is Chesray, I’m also known as “meisiekind” on the Cape Flats, South Africa. I am the manifestation of my grandmother’s prayers. Born and raised in the hood called Extension 13, Cape Town. I carry the label of being “colored” also known as BLACK in my opinion.

I attended the University of Western Cape, I am a theater teaching artist and fancy myself as an aspiring playwright. I was (still am) the Oprah Winfrey Fellow (2009) at New York University, Wagner School of Public Service where I completed my MPA.

I work for an arts based non-profit in New York where I am committed to closing the achievement gap for students of color through art based public school programs. I am a conscious being and an activist. You’ll see me at the Black lives matter protests; I am the girl yelling at the cops.

My husband Noah and daughter Ahava are my roots and continually ground me. This podcast is a quest for me to continue and lead a dialogue where African women are at the forefront, always. "