Those African Chicks
Those African Chicks
Where African Women Can Be Their Authentic Selves



Those African Chicks is a podcast series that follows the victories and challenges of the everyday African Woman through critical thought conversations.  

Our platform is a space where African women can speak their truths and challenge the reductive narrative the world imposes on us.




Welcome, my name is Wummy - Eyiwunmi actually, thanks for stopping by. 

A bit about me.

I moved to the US from Nigeria when I was 20, to attend the first HBCU, Lincoln University in PA - Go Lions!  Following the typical immigrant trajectory, I then went to NYU Wagner for a masters and got a job in corporate America. I am happy to say that phase of my life is over; I was unbelievably miserable. I'm now married and live in NJ with my two ahmahzin little humans. 

I have a penchant for all things self development and blog about my personal evolution journey  HERE.  

I started this podcast as an avenue to highlight the progressive voices and unique perspectives of the African Woman to the forefront of cultural discourse. 

We have a lot of interesting discussions in store for you; I hope you stick around.




"Ahwe! My name is Chesray, I’m also known as “meisiekind” on the Cape Flats, South Africa. I am the manifestation of my grandmother’s prayers. Born and raised in the hood called Extension 13, Cape Town. I carry the label of being “colored” also known as BLACK in my opinion.

I attended the University of Western Cape, I am a theater teaching artist and fancy myself as an aspiring playwright. I was (still am) the Oprah Winfrey Fellow (2009) at New York University, Wagner School of Public Service where I completed my MPA.

I work for an arts based non-profit in New York where I am committed to closing the achievement gap for students of color through art based public school programs. I am a conscious being and an activist. You’ll see me at the Black lives matter protests; I am the girl yelling at the cops.

My husband Noah and daughter Ahava are my roots and continually ground me. This podcast is a quest for me to continue and lead a dialogue where African women are at the forefront, always. "