Those African Chicks



Welcome, my name is Wummy - Eyiwunmi actually, thanks for stopping by. 

A bit about me.

I moved to the US from Nigeria when I was 20, to attend the first HBCU, Lincoln University PA - Go Lions!  Following the typical foreign student trajectory, I later went to NYU Wagner for a Masters and then got a job in Corporate America.

I was unbelievably miserable and I'm very happy to say that phase of my life is over. You see, as a foreign student with a ticking 4 year visa, I knew from the onset that I did not want to follow the traditional educational pathway, but did not have the courage to deviate from that course. So, I knuckled down, picked a major (International Relations) and conditioned myself to love it.

Bad idea!!! I know that now...

I started Those African Chicks so that other African women like me would see possibilities of their endless potential through the stories of THOSE of us bravely following their truths. 

This podcast is an avenue to highlight the progressive voices and unique perspectives of the African Woman to the forefront of cultural discourse.

 There are a ton of interesting discussions in store for you; I hope you do stick around.